Asus R2H UMPC in the wild!

Asus_r2h4_1There’s a plethora of pics over at the Origami Project forums thanks to a happy R2H owner. I specifically honed in on this pic of the USB keyboard because it’s foldable like the Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard I use with my Q1. Where it has a noticeable advantage is the fourth row of keys: see the dedicated number keys? I’d almost trade my Bluetooth functionality for a row of number keys…well…almost. There’s definitely a productivity gain with the number keys, but I like to lead an unwired lifestyle.

Also of note is that folks who actually have the device in hand are confirming the maximum screen resolution (without panning) is 1024 x 600; some hopeful peeps were thinking the R2H would support 1024 x 768.


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