Amazon Unbox: Analyst React

Jason Asaeda, Standard & Poor’s (via BW): “We see the breadth of available content and Amazon’s large customer base as positives. But we think Amazon Unbox’s non-compatibility with Apple hardware, including portable iPods, and potential viewing issues with full-length films on PCs could limit its appeal.”
Richard McAlpine, McAlpine Associates (via BW): The new sites don’t benefit any of the studios a great deal … We’re not even sure if this is a business yet.”
Martin Pyykkonen, Global Crown Capital (via BBC): Said the new service could prove a lucrative source of revenue for Amazon. “This is a much better business than anything they’ve done before.”
Rich Greenfield, Pali Research: “The rules and pricing scheme of Unbox, make us believe that movie studios do not want legal movie downloading to be terribly successful in the near-intermediate term. … Restrictions on use should drive a cheaper price to the consumer, not the same or higher pricing, especially because the studios’ cost to produce and distribute is lower in an online world.”

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