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We launched Web Worker Daily earlier this week, and I wanted to take a minute to point out some of the highlights from this week.

  1. We are running a series on WiFi City States which compares some of the better wifi cafes, public places and of course pubs. Cities covered so far: Austin, New York, London and Seattle.. If you would like to write/contribute something similar from your city, do lets us know. Niall Kennedy writes about Cafes that inspire him.
  2. Liz Gannes compares the online spreadsheets. Our readers think, ThinkOffice maybe old school, but it is still pretty cool.
  3. A new SWAT approach to virtual work.
  4. Approver.com, a new document approval service.
  5. Is Email good enough for collaboration?

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Chetan Sharma

There are different business models for WiFi access in Seattle (just like in other cities). Starbucks charges an arm and a leg, Tullys gives it for free, Cafe Ladro will give 1 hr of free access with purchase.

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