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While I knew that the launch of this site wouldn’t exactly go unnoticed, even I was surprised when so many of the blogs that I read daily considered it noteworthy. And in chasing down inbound links using Technorati, I found lots of bloggers discussing relevant topics to add to my must-read-feeds folder and Web Worker Daily’s blogroll. You can find our thanks, exclamations of joy and witty comebacks to playful ribbing by friends around the blogosphere after the jump.

The first site to elucidate the concept of ‘going bedouin,’ Charter Street, brought their deep understanding to bear, explaining the reasons a mobile workforce changes business paradigms, in language that everyone from freelance webmonkeys to seasoned venture capitalists can understand. [Charter Street]

The ever-snarky Valleywag reminded me, in no uncertain terms, that I overuse the term ‘bedouin.’ After consulting my thesaurus and brainstorming, I came up with nomads, cowboys, vagrants, hobos, hunter-gatherers, transients, tourists and backpackers as good substitutes to avoid the journalistic style bugaboo known as ‘mirror words.’ [Valleywag]

Ever gracious, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington took a moment from his own busy schedule of blog empire building to offer enthusiastic support. He even likes our Communist-kitsch logo — coming from a serial entrepreneur like him, that’s certainly reassuring. [TechCrunch]

Silicon Valley veteran Tom Foremski understands what’s going on, having given a name to rootless, wandering web workers last year — “Nomadig people.” We can’t wait for the ‘zine he promises will focus on the art and culture of our growing tribe. [Silicon Valley Watcher]

Wired News’ Michael Calore wanted answers to some of his questions about our plans, goals and community we hope to serve with Web Worker Daily. I tried desperately to follow Om’s instructions and not say anything ‘controversial.’ [Monkey Bites]

While you’d be hard pressed to figure it out at first glance, Web Worker Daily is powered by Matt Mullenweg’s WordPress.com — one of the first in what should become a series of high-profile, custom-designed publishing ventures they’ll be supporting in the future. [Photo Matt]

Here in the Bay Area, every time I get together with fellow survivors of the dot-bomb we inevitably end up trading war stories, cynical jokes and pessimistic projections. Rick Abruzzo at Supr.c.ilio.us doesn’t spare the snark, and deconstructs the pre-Perestroika Soviet symbolism that we’ve co-opted for our devious, capitalist purposes. [Supr.c.ilio.us]

A man who’s mastered connectivity on the go, and regularly packs his EVDO-enabled WiFi router to selflessly share mobile wireless connectivity wherever he is, we’re most proud of the mention from Scott Beale of Laughing Squid — an arbiter of geek cool since before geeks were cool. [Laughing Squid]

Sadly, there’s not enough room to thank everyone who linked to us and offered kind words — including those who blogged in foreign languages I barely understand, if at all. To cover as many bases as possible: Thank you, gracias, toda, merci, sukran, grazie, xie xie, danke, asante, spahseebah and arigato. And please, don’t be a stranger, get in touch!


david mathers

“While you’d be hard pressed to figure it out at first glance, Web Worker Daily is powered by Matt Mullenweg’s WordPress.com”

You mean aside from the wordpress favicon next to the url?

Rob Poitas

my must-read-feeds folder
Are you willing to post that folder?
Or is it part of your secret sauce recipe that is on a tight leash?


For the record, I never worked for a web1.0 or 2.0. I sat the boom, and I’m poorer happier person because of it.

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