Vistagami Part 2: RC1 on the Samsung Q1

I tried this once before and I’m blown away with how much better Vista is on the 900 MHz Celeron Samsung Q1. I’m sure the 1 Gigabyte RAM upgrade I did has something to do with it, but increased driver support and a better Vista build are heavy contributors as well.

Right out of the gate, Vista supported the touchscreen although the calibration was a smidge off. Unfortunately, when I attempted to run the Calibration in the Tablet PC Settings of the Control Panel, I got this sad message:


Does this mean that Vista’s Tablet PC functions won’t support touchscreen devices? It’s premature to make that leap, although I would think that if it will support touchscreens, we would see that in a release candidate build; this could easily be driver related. The good news is that the TIP certainly works using the touchscreen; the bad news is that when it’s floating on the edge of the screen, I can’t get to it due to the calibration issue! The workaround for now is to have the TIP icons show in the taskbar.

Some of the Samsung specific software actually installed and runs as well, but of course it’s acting a little flaky! More to follow as time allows…


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