Vistagami Part 2: RC1 on the Samsung Q1


I tried this once before and I’m blown away with how much better Vista is on the 900 MHz Celeron Samsung Q1. I’m sure the 1 Gigabyte RAM upgrade I did has something to do with it, but increased driver support and a better Vista build are heavy contributors as well.

Right out of the gate, Vista supported the touchscreen although the calibration was a smidge off. Unfortunately, when I attempted to run the Calibration in the Tablet PC Settings of the Control Panel, I got this sad message:


Does this mean that Vista’s Tablet PC functions won’t support touchscreen devices? It’s premature to make that leap, although I would think that if it will support touchscreens, we would see that in a release candidate build; this could easily be driver related. The good news is that the TIP certainly works using the touchscreen; the bad news is that when it’s floating on the edge of the screen, I can’t get to it due to the calibration issue! The workaround for now is to have the TIP icons show in the taskbar.

Some of the Samsung specific software actually installed and runs as well, but of course it’s acting a little flaky! More to follow as time allows…



I’ve got Vista RC2 running om my Samsung Q1. I managed to get both sound and the touchpad working.

The touchpad was a bit uncalibrated at first, but I managed to get the Samsung TSP driver running and now the touchscreen works great. I downloaded the driver from the Samsung support site and used the Setup.exe file to run the installation (not the Install.exe, that will not work).

In regards to sound I also used the Samsung supplied SMAX sound driver. I went into the device manager, found the non-working sound device, choosed reinstall driver, pointed to the SMAX WDM driver…and presto..sound!

Kevin C. Tofel

dpf, I don’t have the sound working yet either, but I am working on it. I’m slowly making a list of what hasn’t worked along with any workarounds or solutions as I find them. I hope to have an updated post within the next few days.


I’ve got vista rc1 running as a dual boot on my samsung q1, do you know of any work around for getting the sound going? Ive tried both letting vista install the sound drivers and doing it manually from the samsung cd and neither seems to work!


Kevin, the work around the calibrator issue is to create a Short Cut Pointing to TabCal novalidate
And run if as Administrator.


I had the same error message on my Gateway CX2724 tablet and I had to install the Gateway calibration driver before it was able to be calibrated. You will just have to bug Samsung for Vista drivers. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while though.

Kevin C. Tofel

Noahas, I created a second partition on the Q1 for the Vista install, so I now have a dual boot system. I have Vista RC1 on three different machines; two are dual boot, but the Toshiba M205 Tablet is all Vista, no XP.


I’d like to try Vista, but my HP tc4200 is running nicely. Did you do a dual-boot, or just go all out and reformat and install Vista?


Won’t help much with your Samsung problem but for what it’s worth the touchscreen on the Sony UX180 works fine with RC1. I’d guess you just need a new driver from Samsung.


I tried installing the touchscreen utility provided by Samsung for the Q1 under build 5472, and could not get it to install (the installer would try to start and the Q1 would freeze). Lets see if RC1 does a better job at it.


From what I have seen of the Q1 so far, it appears that the touchscreen is calibrated with a Samsung utility and not through the Tablet Edition function. If that is correct then Samsung would have to release a Vista version of that utility. I will double check that calibration but I remember last night seeing a Samsung utility for that. Maybe you can install that?

Dennis Rice

Bummer Kevin. I really want to see some good Vista experiences on umpc’s. I am going to play with XP Tablet on my eo i7210 for a few days and take the same Vista plunge soon.

Keep us up to date on your results!


You may want to clue in the Channel9 guys or Hugo’s team that this is a definite oversight.

Interestingly enough that XP Tablet requires active digitizers and Vista is continuing this tradition, while the UMPC market is completely using passive touchscreens.

Hopefully they’ll include an updated Floatip application for Vista and remove this check.

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