T-I bringing T-I-V-O-like functionality to phones

Weren’t we just chatting about mobile television recording in Japan on wireless handsets? Looky, looky: there’s a shot we’ll have a similar functionality next year. Of course it depends on how the FCC regards devices with the TI OMAP 2 processor. Then there’s likely additional regulatory issues with digital frequencies for mobile TV. Possibly some hurdles with cellular carriers who already provide television services in a PPV model. Hmmm, maybe we won’t see this after all….

Actually, I’d say it’s a safe bet we will, but I wouldn’t expect mainstream adoption until 2008 or beyond at the earliest. Still, the pieces of the puzzle are all there, thanks to Texas Instruments demonstrating the capability. I first read about this OMAP line of chips early this year and have high hopes for a dazzling array of multimedia playback.

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