Nokia To Give Handsets Names


Nokia is going to follow Motorola and Samsung in giving their handsets names…it’s been suggested that it is easier to build a brand around a name, it’s easier for people to remember names and it’s easier to get excited about buying a Razr than it is to get excited about buying a 6670. All of which makes sense…”We have been slow on the uptake. We are not happy that we are late with that, but we are working on it. But at the same time you have to be looking at what’s next,” said Keith Pardy, head of marketing at Nokia. This is probably not as big a problem as their missing the clamshell trend, and is easier to fix. My only concern is that with the large number of handsets hitting the market it’s going to be difficult coming up with suitable names after a while…that’s why marketing guys get the big bucks, I guess.

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