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More News Corp. Video Synergy; Simpsons’ Season Opener Will Preview Online

In the latest intersection of News Corp. web traffic and TV programming, the first seven minutes of Fox Network’s “The Simpsons” season opener will be available as a preview on three Fox Interactive Media sites: MySpace, new site IGN TV and Unlike other efforts by Fox to air entire episodes online to lure viewers, this is part of what FIM describes as a “massive marketing push” to send fans to the broadcast Sunday night. The hype opps go far beyond the sites airing the preview: Homer Simpson on, becomes AskHomer for a day and Homer will be man of the week; a Simpsons’ graphic will “take over” You get the picture.
— Burger King, which sponsored free episodes of “24” on MySpace during the first bout of video synergy, is sponsoring the campaign.
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