eo i7210 InkShow at Gotta Be Mobile

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eoi7210.gifLooks like everyone is getting new devices; first it was James with the Solid State Drive Samsung Q1 and now Dennis Rice has a TabletKiosk eo i7210! If you’re at all curious about this new and more powerful eo model, Dennis has an InkShow that’s just shy of 13 minutes to watch. With that kind of time, James could boot and shut down the SSD Q1 about 20 times; me…I’ll just click this link to watch the video over at Gotta Be Mobile.

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Dennis Rice

Thanks for the shout Kevin. It was a very quick on the fly initial look, but it was a family affair as we both were rushing to get out to work! I missed a couple things like the 4in1 card reader and a couple other facts, but I’m gonna do more in the next week, so stay tuned. I spent a lot of time with it last night, and am definitely getting more comfortable as a UMPC’er!

Oh, and tell JK to have fun rebooting the Q1. Guess that makes hibernate more fun, huh?

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