CellStik backs up and transfers your phone contacts


cellstik.jpgDon’t you just hate moving re-entering those contacts from one mobile phone to another? Sure you could go with a Windows Mobile phone to make life easier in some respects, but what about the gazillions of standard cellular phones?

If you plan to move among phones from the same manufacturer, you might want pick up a CellStik for around $40. Seems pricey, but it could save some time because one end of the CellStik attaches to your phone, while the other side is USB-based and plugs into a PC. You can back up your contacts, enter new ones on your PC for transfer to the phone or edit current phone-book data. You’ll have to check and see if your phone is compatible, but for some folks this beats paying your cellular carrier for a data move; especially if you change phones quite a bit.

(via Gadgetell)

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