Catcher in the Rye- ulitmate UPC

CatcherNeed a rugged portable computer to use out in the field?  Rye field that is.  Catcher Inc. has got the handheld for you.  Their new Catcher (catchy name, huh?) is a ruggedized device meeting military specifications that runs on Windows XP with Pen Computing extensions.  Rugged good looks are not the only thing this 2 pound unit brings to the table, I mean camp.  How about WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA or GSM, outdoor screen, 4 hours on a single battery (8 hours with 2), digital voice recorder, dual VGA cameras, real-time video at 30 fps, video conferencing, fingerprint reader, GPS location, and the grandaddy of all features- iris scanner.  Yep, the true geeks security feature.  :)

The Catcher can be outfit with a number of accessories like a dock and a vehicle install kit.  You’ll have to contact the manufacturer for pricing because if I tell you I’ll have to kill you.


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