What’s New Today: Wink, Old News, et cetera


Stories we think you might want to give a quick glance:

  • Wink told us it plans to relaunch today. TechCrunch ran a summary of the new features a while back. It’s now an annotated search engine/bookmarking site/tag aggregator/Wikipedia regenerator. With such a broad scope, it’s bound to be hard for searchers to know what Wink is good at.
  • Google added news archives, making friends with publishers for once by respecting their paywalls. A nice feature is a timeline that tries to pull out the most relevant era for a search term. However, the results are currently very spotty. No rev-share or advertising is currently involved, which means it will be even harder for startups like Congoo to support themselves by doing the same thing.
  • Laszlo raises $8 million Series C round from WI Harper Group with General Catalyst Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, and other private investors. It wants to sell applications built with OpenLaszlo to developers.
  • Video startup Dovetail formally beta-launched. This is not a viral video site, or a “MeTube,” as they’re increasingly being called. The company is focusing on high-quality content approves new uploaders to make sure they fit its artistic bent. They’ve built a P2P client (which a Mac version) that also checks a file’s DRM to make sure a user is allowed to play it.


Peter Secor

I’ve been using the Dovetail service for a bit and have had a pretty good experience with it. The video quality is good both technically and artistically with a very diverse content base (I like “Maximum Wage”). I’ve used it on both Windows and Mac (need Flip4Mac which is a free and quick installation that allows Quicktime to play .wmv files). It doesn’t seem to kill bandwidth as it uses a throttled Bittorrent client. My main request now is that I want more content!


Congoo is cool and useful for me right now and I think if google is thinking along the lines that by showing publishers (even the book publishers through their book project) how much traffic they are holding back because of the subscription model then these publishers will end up giving everyone free access anyway and move on to better business models.. google has the size and clout to make that happen.. till that happens we can use Congoo and also cheer for Google..

Rafael Cosentino


We appreciate the Congoo mention because as we all know, any PR is good PR. There is a major difference between Google’s News Archive service and Congoo’s service. Google’s News service does NOT provide ANY free access to the articles. Congoo does provide free access to millions of articles. Hopefully people will use Google’s new service and see more links to content they want to access but cannot without using a credit card. This makes Congoo’s service that much more attractive and is the reason why over 10,000 people a day now download the Congoo’s Netpass. Also, Congoo’s revenues do not depend on people buying content, we realize revenue through sponsored links, just like Google. I just wanted to define those nuances more clearly for you and your readers.

Best Regards,

Rafael Cosentino
VP Business Development

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