What’s New Today: Wink, Old News, et cetera

Stories we think you might want to give a quick glance:

  • Wink told us it plans to relaunch today. TechCrunch ran a summary of the new features a while back. It’s now an annotated search engine/bookmarking site/tag aggregator/Wikipedia regenerator. With such a broad scope, it’s bound to be hard for searchers to know what Wink is good at.
  • Google added news archives, making friends with publishers for once by respecting their paywalls. A nice feature is a timeline that tries to pull out the most relevant era for a search term. However, the results are currently very spotty. No rev-share or advertising is currently involved, which means it will be even harder for startups like Congoo to support themselves by doing the same thing.
  • Laszlo raises $8 million Series C round from WI Harper Group with General Catalyst Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, and other private investors. It wants to sell applications built with OpenLaszlo to developers.
  • Video startup Dovetail formally beta-launched. This is not a viral video site, or a “MeTube,” as they’re increasingly being called. The company is focusing on high-quality content approves new uploaders to make sure they fit its artistic bent. They’ve built a P2P client (which a Mac version) that also checks a file’s DRM to make sure a user is allowed to play it.