Via and Pentium powered Samsung Q1’s?


No, they’re not Via and Pentium powered at the same time; that would just be silly. The Via-powered Samsung Q1, the NP-Q1BV000, is available for pre-order at CDW for a cost of $899 and provides the same specs (other than the CPU) as the original Q1: 40 GB drive, 512 MB of RAM, etc… There’s also word of a $1249 version called the NP-Q1-V002 at Fry’s and while some folks are speculating this could be a Pentium powered unit, I’m inclined to think otherwise. Here’s why:

The unit boasts a 60 GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM, while maintaining the "V" in the product code. I suspect the V indicates a Via chipset and the additional cost is for the extra storage capacity and memory. Either way, it’s exciting to see some changes to the UMPC lineup from Samsung!

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Sorry to sound like such a noob but I haven’t seen any head to head comparisons on any of the blogs yet: what are the advantages/disadvantages of the Via vs. the Celeron vs. the PM chips. I’m guessing the speed won’t be too noticeable but how about Vista?

Lorie Ghamy


I would like to know if HD video files like 720p are able to be read on the Samsung Q1 Via like for the Samsung Q1 Intel. Not sure !
And i hope SS2 is implemented in the Via processeur. Some software like Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 can’t run without SSE2….


Interesting that the guy on says he bought an updated Q1 at Fry’s retail store but their website still only shows one model. Is that typical of Fry’s to have product in a store that’s not available online? For moststores it seems like the other way around.

Kevin C. Tofel

You’re both correct; I was on the run and didn’t check the Samsung product page, but the V000 designation is for the original model. Thanks for checking! I’ll be semi-surprised to hear of a Pentium powered model because there’s been zero news on that front, but it would be a pleasant surprise! With all of the Intel price cuts lately, it can’t be ruled out. Steve, thanks for the C64 bit too!


After some digging, I found that the V is most certainly not for Via as it is in all Q1s manufecturer number part like Steve said. The original Q1 is NP-Q1-V000, the pentium based Q1 will be NP-Q1-V002 and the Via is NP-Q1B-V000. That will have to be confirmed though.

Anton P. Nym

I’m going to disagree with Kevin on the “V is for Via” thing; the part number for the plain-vanilla Q1 is V000, and that has the Celeron 900MHz processor.

On a different tack, I think Kevin will get a kick out of this article I saw mentioned in my Livejournal Friends list:
It’s an Ethernet cartridge for the Commodore C64, and includes a downloadable TCP/IP stack. I have no idea how well it works, but it’s certainly interesting…

— Steve

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