Via and Pentium powered Samsung Q1’s?

No, they’re not Via and Pentium powered at the same time; that would just be silly. The Via-powered Samsung Q1, the NP-Q1BV000, is available for pre-order at CDW for a cost of $899 and provides the same specs (other than the CPU) as the original Q1: 40 GB drive, 512 MB of RAM, etc… There’s also word of a $1249 version called the NP-Q1-V002 at Fry’s and while some folks are speculating this could be a Pentium powered unit, I’m inclined to think otherwise. Here’s why:

The unit boasts a 60 GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM, while maintaining the "V" in the product code. I suspect the V indicates a Via chipset and the additional cost is for the extra storage capacity and memory. Either way, it’s exciting to see some changes to the UMPC lineup from Samsung!

(via Carrypad)


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