The Woodery


The WooderyWell I’ve recently become a bit of an obsessor over OS X icons and must say my Pixadex collections are running wild.

Some months ago I ran across a preview of The Woodery by designer-of-all-things-yum, Danny Jones, but never saw it released.

So, I recently shot an email over to Danny and asked if I could taste the goodness of The Woodery and he kindly obliged and the world was happy.

Unfortunately there hasn’t really been anywhere that it’s been made widely available, so today I proudly bring you The Woodery for your downloading pleasure. It’s a set of 5 icons covered in wood goodness.

Please, download away (ZIP: 1.8MB) and then after you download, go pay a visit to Danny…or just go pay him.



It would be cool if he made other app icons out of wood instead of just file icons. I like the HD one though.

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