Statistics Behind Mobile Game Purchases


Neil Strother, The NPD Group’s Research Director, Mobile Devices, Content and Services, has provided some statistics into mobile purchasing habits from the research groups new tracking service.
The most common factor influencing someone’s decision to buy a mobile game is that they enjoy the genre (55%), followed by a free trial (26%) and price (25%), giving a clear indication of what would help promote games. Only 5% of people buying a mobile game were influenced by positive reviews, although whether that’s because they don’t want to read reviews or there aren’t many reviews to read is unclear.
More positively, 75% of people said they were either satisfied (32%) or very satisfied (43%) with their mobile game purchase — which indicates that poor quality mobile games may not be the problem everyone thinks they are.
68% of buyers bought a one-time single title, while only 8% had a monthly subscription to a single title (1% had a monthly subscription to a package). When I interviewed Gonzague de Vallois from Gameloft he said that 30-50% of the companies business was subscription based. That number could be an anomaly, but it’s more likely that the subscription model is more profitable (although admittedly less popular).
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