Sony’s PS3 Delayed Again For UK & Europe

Good news for Microsoft and Nintendo – and bad news for kids with Sony’s PS3 on their Christmas lists. The UK/Europe launch is delayed again, this time until March 2007 due to a shortage of the blue laser diodes needed for the machine’s Blu-ray DVD player. I should say that the U.S. and Japan are OK: they are being prioritized for the two million units Sony estimates it will ship before the end of December, though that’s half the predicted number. Sony still aims to deliver a total six million by the end of March, but that’s a very late Christmas.
Nintendo, meanwhile, has an extra incentive to get Wii to market as soon as possible to share the 2006 Christmas console sales with Microsoft’s Xbox 360.
— In a truly remarkable piece of coordination, Sony just launched its pre-launch campaign for the PS3. Japanese launch is Nov. 11 and U.S. launch Nov. 17, diodes permitting.
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Sony’s PlayStation 3 Launch Delayed Until November In Japan

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.