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Six Apart Acquires Rojo Networks, Acq-Hires Co-Founder; Will Spin Off Newsreader

Blogging software and services company Six Apart has acquired RSS newsreader Rojo Networks; no terms disclosed. At the same time, in a switch from the acq-hires we’ve seen lately that leave people running the entity being acquired, Rojo’s Chris Alden is now EVP & GM, Movable Type while Aaron Emigh is EVP & GM, core technologies. (Working for someone else is a big switch for entrepreneurial Alden, a co-founder of Red Herring.) TechCrunch is speculating less than $5 million, which leaves a pretty wide range open. Rojo was founded in 2003 by Alden and Kevin Burton; it launched in 2004 and has some good products but has had a hard time breaking through the clutter. Rojo Blog
— Despite reports to the contrary, I was told Rojo (RSS with mojo) will continue to innovate and evolve with a major new release due within weeks. The idea is for Six Apart to continue to focus on its core business while and its newsreader will be spun off with the goal of selling a majority interest.
— Rojo backers included BV Capital, TPG Ventures, Ron Conway and Marc Andreessen.
— Co-founder Burton, who only been involved in an advisory capacity for the last year or so, explains a little of what Six Apart is getting in terms of technology: “Six Apart has big plans for Rojo. They’re going to take Rojo’s RSS infrastructure and build it into Livejournal and Vox which sounds pretty interesting.”
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