Apple’s Movie Service Chatter: Tuesday’s The Day; Disney On Board


Apple’s online movie service, through iTunes, is going to launch on Tuesday, if you can believe the chatter…it has an event planned forld launch with a limited number of films, the story says, as a result. Concerns range from Apple’s insistence on flat-rate pricing (its music strategy) to the FairPlay DRM and whether it can hold up.
One studio executive, cited by AP, said that deals being struck for a similar download service planned by are more flexible and allow for higher profit margins.
Also, analysts and industry observers expect Apple to soon introduce a new iPod player with a widescreen display — which would be better suited for viewing movies.
Reuters: A movie service, if announced, may let users stream films wirelessly from their computers to home theaters similar to Apple’s existing AirPort Express, AppleInsider sai has sent invitations to the media, featuring the Apple logo and the phrase “It’s Showtime” against a backdrop of Hollywood-style opening-night spotlights…The media event scheduled for Sept. 12 is set in SF and coincides with the opening day of the Apple Expo in Paris.
Lionsgate already has a deal with Apple, as we reported first here (UPDATED: Even though they have a prelim deal, it will not form part of the launch…Linsgate,. like other studios besides Disney, is still haggling over pricing), but others are still in limbo, according to this AP story. Variety reports that Disney is also on board.
Apple’s movie service coud in report on Monday.

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