Using Windows Mobile as a music player


Jason Dunn of The Two Inch View has published an article detailing his experience using a Qtek 8500 Windows Mobile device as a music player.  Jason covers the entire Windows Media Player performance and settings and his article is applicable to any Windows Mobile device.  I have been experimenting with the XV6700 and find it to be a fine music player using WMP so give his article a read and give it a shot. 


Ruud Bijvank

I’m using a Qtek 8500 as well. I consider it not my favourite device for listening to music, because the standard ear plugs are not very well suited for classical music. However, it’s ideal for listening to podcasts (u.a. the TabletPC show !!) what I mainly do during traveling.


I want to like WMP 10 on my Qtek 9100, but it’s inability to play media that’s located on my server is a big deal breaker. With my e800, I was able to use Reaco File Explorer to map a drive on my device to my Windows server that houses all of my music, videos and pictures. Then, I could play my music or watch my movies on my Toshiba from anywhere I could get a WiFi signal. With my WM5 device, I get a “incorrect parameter” error. I’ve resorted to copying music onto my Qtek’s SD card in order to listen to music. Not an ideal solution, but a nice work around.

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