USB SynCE to pair your Linux device with Windows Mobile


It seems like everybody is playing with Ubuntu or some other flavor of Linux these days and with a new package those open-sourcers can now sync those boxes with Windows Mobile devices.  Mobile Gadget News has posted some instructions for fellow Linux users who need to sync up with a Windows Mobile device via USB.  They promise instructions for syncing via Bluetooth in the future so hold them to it. 



Aaron, it all depends on what you want to do with your device and Linux. If you want to manipulate the files on your device as if it were a mounted volume, this does the trick. If you want to be able to install apps and synchronize with Evolution, then yes, I agree that it’s a work in progress.

I’m curious, are you able to do these things (install programs and synch with a PIM) with your Treo in Ubuntu?


This project has a long way to go, obviously. :(

It’s a shame, because Palm support is fantastic. My treo has been synching with various linux distros for years. No setup required.

Let’s hope more WinMob developers get a painless synch for devices soon.

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