Sony refreshes the UX-180P with a UX-280P


sony_ux50_1.jpgHere’s hoping Sony has a trade-in or upgrade program for UX-180P owners! The UX-280P is now appearing on Sony’s site at a price of $1999.99. Perhaps this is the “business class” UX handheld since it’s featured on Sony’s Business Solutions site, and not the consumer oriented SonyStyle site. The form factor is the same: 4.5-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen that slides up to reveal a keyboard, EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth support. Apparently the difference (other than a digit in the product code) is under the hood. The UX-280P has a 40 GB hard drive, which is slightly larger than than the ancient model, and the RAM is now doubled to 1 GB. No change to the CPU, which is an Intel Core Solo at 1.2 GHz.



Cingular refuses to offer coverage in my area so the WWAN is useless. I called Sony, got the modem unlocked, got sim cards from local providers, none worked. The Hardware is firmly attached to the software and Sony refused to offer help in bypassing it. Whoever invented locked hardware should be put in jail, and they are in some countries. Everything else about the 280p is great, but it was sold to me as a VoIP cellphone replacement, that is the one feature that didn’t work.


Hey, what about me??? I received my UX90S only a month ago and now see that I could instead get a UX with 1GB RAM!!

Don’t care about HD size increase as I already put a 60GB HD in mine….

Anyone want to buy my upgraded UX90S with English keyboard, WinXP Pro, 60GB HD????



Think about those of us in Europe, its still no appeared over here in any official Sony form :(


Can’t wait to get my hands on this one and do the 60 GB hard drive upgrade… now where did I leave my screwdriver… :>)


jibiii – now they are getting my cash… Before with only 512kb it wasnt the the device for me.



Wow, this is great! More and more this is tempting me to pick up a LCD (21″) and the UX to use in a dock as a true desktop. I think with the boosted specs this device is deffinetly a laptop replacement!

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