HP iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Media Companion blurring PMP and PDA lines


ipaqrx40003.jpgHP isn’t out the handheld game just yet as they’ve announced the iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Media Companion series in Asia. The $299 device hits the Far East in October and has more of a portable media player look (and name) over HP’s traditional PDA lineup. The rx4000 is Windows Mobile 5.0 at the core and the typical software suite of apps like Office Mobile appear to be included. WiFi and Bluetooth are inside as well and the device sports a 2.8-inch touchscreen like most other similar devices.

If the device appears in the wild like the photos shown, this is one of the first handhelds that appear to be primarily geared towards a landscape view, based on the logo orientation and alignment. Is this a more than a PDA? Will it have any unique PMP features that will excel in a landscape view? Difficult to say without more information and specs, so we’ll hold off on any predictions for now; of course, you’re always welcome to put your $.02 in the comments!


Simon Moore

This is just hit Australia, and its selling very well. Storage internally is almost nothing, but its solved via a 2Gig SD storage card, inserted in the side, aka mobile slot style.

Terry Pearson

I have the IPAQ rx3115 Mobile Media PDA by HP and I love it. But this one looks like it blows mine out of the water. I love the fact that for a reasonable price, you get bluetooth and wi-fi.

I hope they keep the universal remote function in this one. That is something I really like to use in mine!


Only thing I was not able to find on these is anything on integrated storage. I am WAITING for someone to bring out something exactly like this that actually has a integrated Micro drive with between 10 and 30 GB. This would be PERFECT for me and since it’s Windows Mobile, I could load viewers for any kind of Video or Audio content (except DRM’d AAC files from iTMS).

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