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Color Schemer Studio

Lately, I’ve been giving up my deepest darkest tricks to the readership here at TAB. Many of you are fantastic web designers, and you probably already know about Color Schemer Studio. What’s that? You don’t know about it? You say you’ve been using color swatches to do your color schemes? Well toss those aside, because Color Schemer will save you time and money.

Color Schemer Main

This is the main UI of Color Schemer. It’s clean and logical. The color wheel is clickable and the ‘Suggested Colors’ tab is my favorite hang out. Once I get a color I want to use, I drag it to the right where the list builds for my site. I typically pick 5-7 colors to use, depending on the site. It’s often the case to pick a sites color scheme based off a company logo,and the Screen Picker can droplet the colors out of it.

If you really want to save time, load the image into the PhotoSchemer. This is actually a trick with the keyboard and mouse. Click on the PhotoSchemer button, then go to the Finder and get the image you want to drag-n-drop into the PhotoSchemer window. Once you have a lock on the mouse, use Command-Tab to switch back to PhotoSchemer and drop the image on it. Of course, being a well designed UI, one could simply click the ‘Open Image’ button.


I particularly love the button with the dice on it. Roll them and get a random set of colors each time based off various points in the image. Once a good set appears, click the heart and the color sceme is moved into the list of colors.

This is a very powerful app for what it does. It’s a massive time saver for web designers, printers and graphic artists. I find it is running on my system virtually all day long and I’m always picking colors out from websites. Give it a spin.

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  1. Color Schemer is one of those apps I can’t live without. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s one of those I open at least once a day. Even if you’re not heavy into graphics, Color Schemer has tools every web developer needs. I use the dropper all the time to sample colors from existing layouts and images.

    Great review!