32 GB flash drive in your choice of 1.8 or 2.5-inches just $1799; 64 GB coming soon


PQI64.jpgEver since the announcement of flash-based hard drives in upcoming Samsung Q1 and Sony UX models, I’ve been keeping an eye out for these components. After some digging today, I found that DV Nation is selling these solid state drives. Yup, only $1,799 nets you a 32 GB IDE or SATA drive for your UMPC or notebook. *gulp*

The price is way too steep for me to even consider it at this point, but the site makes for some interesting reading. There are PDF documents for various flash-based drives that explain how to install them, technical specifications and more. Even better yet (depending on your budget), I see mention of a 64 GB drive coming later this month. While it may not yet be affordable, it’s great to see the capacity increase coming soon.



Given that a 4GB SD card is less than $60 I am wondering why nobody builds a 1.8″ IDE enclosure that would contain 8 (?) of these ?? … this would be much cheaper for the final customer … and with raid 5 functionality you could probably upgrade the 4GB SD cards to 8GB SD cards without losing any data …


Not to mention you can buy a Samsung Q1 with a flash drive on ebay for $2,400! You could take the flash drive out of that and make a hefty profit and have a cheap samsung q1! Of course, you would need to replace the SSD with a normal drive.

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