Bad News For Mobile Music?


This is a bit of half-empty view of the statistics, but there’s some interesting figures from a survey done by Entertainment Media Research – in association with the law firm Olswang.
Of the respondents:
— Six percent said they’d buy music from their operators portal
— 44 percent said they weren’t interested in downloading music to their mobile phones
— 36 percent found the concept of visual radio appealing
There’s also bad news for technologies like Nokia’s Visual Radio. When asked whether they’d purchase a track they’d just heard on the radio and download it to their handset, only 36 per cent found the concept appealing.
— 52 percent of those who said last year they would probably download music to their mobiles have done so, equating to 11 percent of respondents. Which I think is a pretty good figure at this stage of the game.
— IFPI has found that only one in five consumers had used their 3G phone to download a music track or video.

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