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10 Tips For Managing Virtual Workers

Scott Johnson, a good friend of ours and founder of Ookles offers up 10 Tips for Managing Virtual Workers.

1. Its Not Cheaper.
2. Hire Correctly.
3. Document Everything.
4. Metrics, Metrics, Metrics.
5. Once Per Quarter Go Face to Face.
6. Don’t Let Engineers Go Dark. Ever.
7. Telework Isn’t For Every Style of Work.
8. Humor Doesn’t Scale / Translate.
9. Require daily, functional work blogging.
10. Expect Failure so Date Before Marriage.

2 Responses to “10 Tips For Managing Virtual Workers”

  1. Well, not sure I agree with all these points. Ken Thompson over at has been blogging about virtual teams for a good while now, taking some of the lessons from the wild so to speak. Some very very good research there on how to make a virtual team work. Ken also has extensive experience in the area of software development so it might be especially interesting to your readers. (also, I work virtually most of the time, so I have some actual experience of this work mode!)