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Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are happy to bring you show #28 to talk Tablet.  James is really excited about the new Fujitsu Loox P70T/V, the refreshed model of the P1510D.  It’s got a PC Card slot!  Will it make it to the US?  We hope so.  Is there a help program for neophiliacs?  James gives a recap of the Tablet PC Webinar that was hosted by Allegiance Technology Partners recently.  Can you live without a keyboard?  The inking duo give their thoughts on that question that many people ask.  The rest of the show is spent discussing Vista RC1 that was just released and how it might affect Tablet owners.  With Vista on the horizon should you buy now or wait for the Vista release?  Marc recommends trying the Aero Glass skin in Object Desktop 2007 (his Near Vista Experience) to determine if Vista’s new Aero Glass interface will help you in your work.  Listeners who are testing Vista on your Tablet PCs be sure and submit those bug reports so Microsoft can fix any issues that remain in Vista.  Rounding out the show Marc tells us about his experience dealing with the Internet Explorer 7 team to squash a bug.  If you are running Vista on a Tablet PC we want to hear from you.  Let us know what you think of it so we can share with everyone.

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I got Vista RC1 (5600) installed on my Q1 and my X41 tablet (… road warrior….)

Initial – Q1 – upgrade did not work on my Q1 – it was a rather clean Q1 i tried to install on – but after a complete install – the Q1 would just hang with black screen and no errors. Reinstalled from scratch – it was a lot faster than doing the upgrade – but Vista does not see the Q1 as a tablet pc :-( and the stylus software does not work very well (can’t calibrate – software breaks down while reading info from stylus. Now i’m sort of stuck there :-( and haven’t had time to complete setup and look into errors

X41 – started out doing a clean install. Installed Office 2007 Beta 2 and Onenote + some IBM utilities – and so far it seems to work.
X41 got SD slot so I bought a SD 120x mem card to utilize ReadyBoost – but that did not have the needed speed until I reformatted it with NTFS (was FAT from birth..)
X41 was reconized as a tablet and most thing are working. Have not get IBM’s enhanced keys to work yet but have not put any time into it at all. Havn’t got fingerprint reader to work – but have not installed IBMs software.

Nice interface – nice for tablet – performance – ok but not great

Slow boot – almost as slow as my old abused XP installation.
Gadget take to much screen estate on a 1024×768 (Microsoft should force their developers to utilize 1024×768 for at least 2 months a year *G*) Especially the currency module takes far to much space compared to the information it presents. I think only Trumph and the likes needs currency with +35 digits..


I don’t know if you guys noticed but the Loox P’s JP site translated by google seems to suggest that the new 1280×768 LCD is also TRANS-REFLECTIVE:


“LED back light attaching semi- transmitted type touch panel type TFT color LCD (Mobile fine liquid crystal)”

“Tablet button ×5, back light ON/OFF button”

Semi-transmitted type? Back light ON/OFF button? Yeah, I think it’s a trans-reflective LCD! WOW, a daylight screen on top of all those other improvements?!? They are really forcing my hands into purchase! BRING IT OVER FUJITSU!!


I have been running Vista build 5384 on a Motion Computing M1400VA with 1.256 Gb of RAM for about 3 months and I think it’s spectacular. I installed the OS on a new 80 Gb 5400 rpm hard drive and the installation went without a hitch, with two exceptions: (1) the Motion Computing Dashboard application and the Motion application that switches the screen orientation when the tablet is docked. I finally forced the Dashboard application to install, and that permitted me to turn on the internal Bluetooth radio. The screen orientation application never installed, but I use the Intel extreme graphics utility from the tablet’s screen to change orientation and resolution when I dock the unit, so the lack of that particular application is no great hardship. Interestingly, battery usage seems better, perhaps 20% or so, under Vista.

I’m also running Office 2007 Beta with similar problem-free results.

Interestingly, I tried a clean install of Vista build 4572 and it refused to recognize the Motion Computing button application and steadfastly refused to allow the Dashboard application to install. I re-installed my build 5384 hard drive.

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