Vista RC1 available now, 9 hours of downloading to go



Some folks say a picture is worth a thousand words; this one is worth approximately 2.5 billion bytes. Seriously, as I mentioned last week when discussing pre RC-1, Vista is becoming more solid by the day and I’m looking forward to popping this on a Tablet PC and possibly even a UMPC over the weekend. This is the build that’s really going to be telling in terms of Microsoft meeting their planned delivery date. If you’ve got questions / scenarios from a mobile tech, productivity, Tablet PC, Media Center or general computing questions, drop ’em in the comments and I’ll do the best I can over time: no promises, but what I can do, I will. Bear in mind that my main purpose is to beta test and provide feedback to Microsoft….


Rob Bushway

Lora told me last night that the touch drivers are not working on the q1 in Vista…

I just installed 5600 and it is running great!


I’m making an attempt to run 5536 as my day to day OS on my ThinkPad and I have to say I’m REALLY impressed with its performance. Other than the nagging issue of a few drivers missing (Bluetooth, my GC89 T-Mo EDGE card, etc) it’s been pefectly useable for all my day to day needs. And loads faster than B2.

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