Breaking news: Samsung Q1P UMPC adds a missing link with HSDPA


vistagami_1.gifTwo short weeks ago we heard about the Samsung Q1-SSD with flash drive and the Q1b which will sport a Via processor. Get ready for the Q1P, which will also have a Via CPU but adds HSDPA connectivity. The announcement just hit at the IFA show and word is that the new model availability is fourth quarter. In addition to the internal radio for wireless 3G connectivity, the Q1P will also have an increased battery life: up to five hours. I’d expect that some of the increase battery life is due to the Via chipset, but it’s likely that we’ll see a larger capacity battery than we have with the current Q1 model.

The wireless connectivity along with the increased battery life is just what the UMPC doctor ordered; this could help propel the UMPC class of devices into a more mainstream space, although the progress is still likely to be slow. It’s not yet clear if the HSDPA connectivity is integrated or done through some type of interface.



Have we found out for sure if the Q1P supports 85,1900mhz and how much memory it has? (hope it comes with 1 gig). Do we know cost of external dvd rw drive?


Just be cautiously optimistic.

Companies have a long history of only offering devices with UMTS or HSDPA in other countries and never offering a 850 & 1900 mhz Cingular version.

The devices are then imported to the United States in Grey markets and don’t have the proper module unless you replace it yourself. Often the module is soldered on and replacement is not practical or possible.

Don’t get your hopes up too high.


The embedded hsdpa module is an OPTION GTM352E module. These modules come in an 2100mhz european flavor and in an US flavor (850,1900). So it will work also on Cingular

Kevin C. Tofel

Bill, I’m with you since I’ve got one too. My EV-DO phone works just fine as a modem, although I’d love 5 hours of battery life. As it is, I use an external battery to get through a full day of computing.

Mike, Cliff is correct in that Cingular has HSDPA already rolled out to about 60 areas in the U.S. with more to follow. No details on if this device’s 3G radio will work in the states. However, if they can put an HDSPA radio in there, me-thinks they can put an EV-DO (Rev. A preferably) radio in there too. Time will tell.


Cingular does or will shortly depending on where you live.

It’s on 1900 mhz and 850mhz though. Doesn’t work with much 2100 mhz equipment from Europe unless it is triband.

Mike Cane

Who offers HDSPA in the US? Using a Nokia 770, I’ve grown to hate WiFi!


You can find the Q1 SSD version and the extended battery here:

I found this guy on ebay, and he seems to have a lot of Q1 stuff. You can have the RAM upgraded when you buy a unit for him, and he even offers some cool mounting solutions.

Just thought I would point this out for all you Q1 lovers out there….


So is this HSDPA on 2100 mhz or is it the Triband kind that works here in the states?

I’m hoping :)


Don’t forget that $80/month unlimited HSDPA access makes it out of reach for the masses.


Sweet, except “I’ve already got one, you see. It’s very nice.” [spoken with French accent from Monty Python’s “Search for the Holy Grail”] I could use a little more battery, though. Just where are those extended batteries???? I can’t seem to find one in stock out in the wild…

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