Bye bye Treo, hello XV6700!


treo 700w.jpgI’ve made no secret how much I have enjoyed using my Palm Treo 700w but there is one thing I demand from my tools and that is reliability. This is especially true for my mobile phone because I run my business from my phone through both calls and email. The past few weeks my Treo has been exhibiting signs that the low memory installed in the device was getting regularly overwhelmed, even though I really haven’t been taxing it. Sometimes it would take forever to open the phone window when I wanted to make a call, and even worse when a call would come in while the Treo was retrieving push email the call would just go off into never-never land. The past week things took a turn for the worse as at least four phone calls from my clients just rolled into voice mail without even ringing the phone. I am almost certain this happened when the Treo had run extremely low on memory. Two of those calls were from a client in Scotland who left a message for me to call him back right away. Two expensive international calls that shouldn’t have been necessary because the Treo was sitting in my shirt pocket but didn’t ring. I can’t afford to miss calls like this, the one thing a phone must do without exception is get and receive phone calls but since the Treo is having difficulty doing that it was time to go.

xv6700_1.jpgSo go is what I did to the Verizon store and largely due to Kevin Tofel’s experiences (and especially his video review) I picked up the XV6700. The surprising thing about the 6700 is how it is smaller than the Treo. It is narrower and shorter, so even though it is about the same thickness it is overall smaller. It packs the bigger screen which I am already putting to good use with Spb Diary so I can track my hectic schedule without scrolling. And scrolling. Which is what I did a lot of on the Treo due to the tiny screen. I am still getting used to some of the usability differences between the Treo and the XV6700 but nothing is giving me any problems. The keyboard is awesome and I am finding myself responding to email directly from the XV6700 much more than I ever did with the Treo. There is just no comparison between the roomy keyboard of the XV6700 and the tiny chiclet keys of the Treo.

The extra program memory is already letting me be more productive. I use the Windows XP-based TimeTTracker MX2 software to track my time for invoicing my clients and even though it comes with a Windows Mobile version that syncs to the desktop the Treo didn’t have enough program memory for me to run it. That’s a thing of the past and it works like a charm on the XV! This is a very big deal to me. I also appreciate how the phone I got today already had the AKU2 ROM update applied so the WiFi can be used at the same time as the phone and the voice dialing program that was a part of the update is sweet. I can even voice dial contacts using a Bluetooth headset, something I couldn’t do easily with the Treo.

So far I am very pleased with the switch and can already see a boon to my work having the extra memory and full keyboard on the XV. Verizon cut me some slack too even though I didn’t qualify for an upgrade on the phone I was still able to nab a pretty sweet discount. So I have joined the ranks with Kevin, which is only fitting since we are both cartoon heads. :)



But how did you take a lifetime of Palm addresses and memos and xfer them to the new unit?

Also…I’m not at all a fan of the Verizon network. I purchased a broadband wireless card for my wife’s computer this weekend…The reception was so bad we struggled to get non-broadband speeds, then took it to Big Bear, California where the same thing happened…no….no broadband. I’m returning it. Hope yours proves as wonderful as the Palm on whatever system you had it.

Santa Monica


James, I’m not sure if this application works for your phone but it definately works on my HP HW6965 in improving its “one handedness” use. The best part is it is Free. 8)
PS: I’m the temperature man that support Kevin. 8)



I’m on the Sprint network and, as of today, the new Treo 700wx comes out. It appears that this version fixes some of the issues you had (extra built in memory, at least double what the 700w has). If your option were the Treo with the added memory or the PPC6700, do you think you’d still get the 6700? Both are just such juicy little electronic devices, that I cannot choose (yet) and need some help.



I have been struggling with those very sames issues on my 700w. It is not acceptable to have clients consistenly tell you how they hate your phone because it makes it so difficult to reach you.

I have considered the same change to the 6700 as you. Please update us after you have used it for a week or two and let us know how it compares to your extensive experience with the 700w. I will be especially interested in how not having the usability that Palm built in to the Windows Mobile GUI affects your day to day use of the phone and OS.


Jon Dee

Thanks for the feedback James.

I would be keen to know which Pocket PC phone JKONTHERUN readers think is the best in terms of range and call quality. I love the ability to do everything on one device but so far I have not found a Pocket PC phone that is as good call quality wise as a normal mobile phone – my Pocket PC phones to date have usually been getting reception that is one bar less than a normal mobile phone.

btw, if you use Skype for Pocket PC on this phone, can you not use your headset when so that your call does not come through the speakers?

Best regards from Australia. Jon Dee


Another HTC Apache user! Congrats! I still haven’t updated my ROM; My friend says his HTC Wizard (Cingular 8125) got much faster after he installed the update. I’m just looking forward to the phone lock shortcut (and perhaps doing that hack to do the clean WM5 install). Oh, and though I use Mobile Information Server, I may have to check out that push stuff.

Colin Walker

Looks good James :)

Quite similar to my new Vario II (HTC Hermes). I love the slide-out keyboard on mine so don’t doubt that you’ll be using it a lot.


Jon, call quality is very good so far, and I know I’m in a fringe coverage area in the new house. I have used a Bluetooth headset a lot and no one I’ve asked has been able to tell the two types of calls apart. I haven’t had time to try Skype with it yet, I haven’t decided if I am going to install it. I don’t like how Skype for PPC uses the external speaker, eliminating any chance at privacy.

Jonathan, there is an outside chance I might have to visit this client in Edinburgh at some point. It would be cool to look you up if that happens.

jfl, neophilia is a serious condition, isn’t it? :)

Bruce, your unit was almost certainly defective. This unit has a great microphone, I’ve even tried using it inches from my mouth like a walkie talkie and it works great. No noise so far.

Leroy, I type much faster on the bigger keyboard, probably because corrections are much easier to make on the 6700. On the Treo I had a constant problem with “multi-key” hitting with my big thumbs.

Warner, Kevin is definitely a neophilia carrier. :)

Warner Crocker


Welcome to the club. I love the PPC 6700, (Sprint’s model of the same phone.) That Kevin is contagious or infectious or something like that isn’t he.

Leroy Brown

Strange that you type better on the 6700. I own a Treo 700p, and my wife has a Sprint PPC 6700, so I get to use either. I definately prefer to read email or web pages more on her phone due to the landscape screen, I probably type twice as fast on the Treo keyboard. I think it’s due to the fact that I have to reach for the central keys on the 6700, and not so much on the Treo.

Bruce MacLean

How is the microphone on your phone? I started with the 6700 and switched to the 700W before my 15 days was up because my 6700 would pick up noise from the air conditioner or radio in my car even when I had a headset plugged in. Outside, even the slightest breeze was picked up in the microphone and made it impossible to hear a caller or or listen to voicemails. I am wondering if my 6700 might have been a defective unit. I got the 700W because it didn’t have the microphone problems, but it has its own issues as you so adequately described. I am quite frustrated with all of the Verizon Windows Mobile 5.0 phones. Why can’t someone make a phone that works as advertised when I am spending $300-$400.


Pretty impressive that you stuck with the Treo for 8 months jk (or any device for 8 months you neophiliac :) Ironically, I’m thinking of making the opposite switch when Sprint releases the RAM enhanced 700wx. Not because I’m displeased with the PPC 6700, but because I’m a neophiliac!

Jonathan Balkind

I was wondering when you’d get around to following Kevin’s “craziness” and change to the 6700, as it looks like the right phone for you.

If you ever come to Scotland to see your client, make sure you contact me so I can tell you where to visit (books don’t tell you the best places)

Hope all goes well with the new phone and make sure you do an in-depth review, Jonathan Balkind, “Sunny” Scotland

Jon Dee

What’s the call quality reception like with this phone James? I have had 3 different Pocket PC phones and they don’t quite have the same signal strength as normal mobile phones.

Also have you tried using Skype with it yet? If so, what is the audio quality like? Best regards, Jon Dee, Australia

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