Apple product launch on September 12th? Join the meme with your guess


scroll_interface.jpgiLounge reports of a special Apple press event on September 12th; the clear expectation is that new products will be launched, so for this holiday weekend here in the U.S., why not place your bet guesses before kicking back?

Here are my thoughts to start the creative juices: with yesterday’s Wal-Mart vs. Apple headline indicating that Apple will offer movie downloads at $14.99, folks are likely expecting a new video iPod. Even with only Disney, er Pixar, Disney on board, odds are pretty good on that. Factor in any one of several Apple patents that could (and should) be applied to an iPod for a larger screen and you might have a winner with that guess.

What about Apple Tablet PC rumors? As much as I (and many readers) would like to see that, I don’t think Apple is quite ready just yet. Believe me; I hope I’m wrong, but I think Apple will take an incremental step there by putting a touchscreen in another CE device first and then make the OS work with the screen.

Having said that, I’ll put my vote in for Merom-based Apple computers. I’d like to think that we’ll see the more efficient Intel chips in the MacBook and MacBook Pro line, but the Mac Mini is a nice trial platform for the new chip. End users will get a nice boost in performance and Apple can learn from the experience, so that’s my guess. Where does that leave us in terms of my thoughts and the odds?

  • New Apple iPod with more video functionality / capability: 11- 2
  • Apple Tablet PC: 15 – 1
  • Merom-based Apple notebooks: 7 – 2
  • Merom-based Mac mini: 2 – 1
  • Steve Jobs wears a black mock-turtleneck: you have to ask?

Step right up and place your bets in the comments below. If you’ve got a blog, post your predictions; if you know a blogger, shoot the odds sheet over to them and let’s see what they think! Let’s see how many folks we can get voting on the Apple product predictions; hey, it’s a holiday, so let’s have some fun!


Dave Zatz

I was looking at the new Sansa that was anounced today which reminded me the Shuffle is pretty lame. Maybe they’ll refresh it with a screen or kill it entirely.

Cody Blotske

I’m sure there will be some new products shown, but how about a full feature list of Leopard? I would guess that by now it’s too late for Redmond to fire up their copy machine and get any new features into Vista. They need to just work on finishing it at this point. I know it seems a little early, but if it could make consumers second guess their PC purchase this holiday season. It’s a long shot but I have my fingers crossed.

Dave Zatz

The blogosphere is already reporting upgraded Mac Minis with Core 2 Duo processors. So I think it’s a given the Mini and portable lines will be getting a processor bump. But is that worthy of a special press event? Don’t think so, people won’t run to the store for that…

But movie downloads would make a big press splash and could boost iPod (updated or not) and FrontRow-enabled computer sales. If I were a gambling man, that’s where I’d put my money.

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