Aardman To Get Own Mobile TV Channel

Morph On MobileThe creators of Wallace & Gromit have landed their own mobile TV channel on the Orange TV service in the UK. “The channel, “Aardman Animations” will consist of a video loop, refreshed weekly of its own content combined with some of the best animation sourced elsewhere in Britain and around the world.” There are planned launches with other UK operators and discussions for distribution in other teritories.
Mobiles have the benefit of offering another sales channel for the makers of short-form video such as cartoons or short films…”Video content regularly features in the top 10 downloads on Orange and Aardman is selling more than 10,000 video clips a day over mobile networks.” I’m not sure how much the videos are sold for but I reckon it’s got to be pulling in revenue in the millions of dollars a year, which makes the studio very solvent.