Vista speech recognition helps young publisher


Logan_olsonYes, we all know that the Vista speech recognition demo bombed on stage last month. So what? How many people use speech recognition for computing on stage in front of a large audience? I don’t and when I use Vista’s speech capabilities with the proper equipment, training and environment, it simply amazes me.

The Seattle Times has a great piece on this very topic and its success is illustrated in Logan Olsen. Logan was born with a congenital heart disease, has had at least 6 open heart surgeries and suffered an unfortunate brain injury at 16. Now at age 21, her fine motor skills are impaired, as is her speech. She’s preparing to publish a inspirational magazine for women her age that have disabilities. So how can she effectively do this? Speech recognition; which considering her speech impairment, is amazing since Vista’s speech is highly trainable. Best of luck with the magazine Logan!

(via Longhorn Blogs)



who cares. vista sucks anyways. You can get speech recognition in Ubuntu that’s FREE and better than Vista’s VR. Vista is a failure, partly because of Ubuntu’s greatness.

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