Vista speech recognition helps young publisher

Logan_olsonYes, we all know that the Vista speech recognition demo bombed on stage last month. So what? How many people use speech recognition for computing on stage in front of a large audience? I don’t and when I use Vista’s speech capabilities with the proper equipment, training and environment, it simply amazes me.

The Seattle Times has a great piece on this very topic and its success is illustrated in Logan Olsen. Logan was born with a congenital heart disease, has had at least 6 open heart surgeries and suffered an unfortunate brain injury at 16. Now at age 21, her fine motor skills are impaired, as is her speech. She’s preparing to publish a inspirational magazine for women her age that have disabilities. So how can she effectively do this? Speech recognition; which considering her speech impairment, is amazing since Vista’s speech is highly trainable. Best of luck with the magazine Logan!

(via Longhorn Blogs)


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