Times Reader looks slick, but Arrington appears unimpressed

Times_readerAs a UMPC owner and a die-hard eBook and digital magazine reader, I was thrilled to hear about the Times Reader application announced in April. The app for XP and Vista looks to bring the truest reader experience to the computer screen out of everything I’ve seen so far. Read / Write Web has a nice overview with plenty of screenshots, so check ‘em out and tell me if I’m excited about nothing. I like the rendering control the app should have as well as the highlighting and e-mailing of articles.

Mike Arrington of TechCrunch might not be as impressed based on this comment he left at Read / Write Web while quoting the writeup: " [R/W Web:]’Times Reader is an upcoming new application from The New York Times and Microsoft, which lets users read the NY Times electronically using advanced screen reading technology from Microsoft.’ [Mike:] Isn’t a browser an application that lets users read the NY Times electronically?"

I left my comment to Mike on the original story because I think he’s missing a point here. There’s no reason to hash it out here; you can see what I said right on the Read / Write Web site. There’s also a link to the Times Reader page over at the NYTimes; you can sign up to beta the new reader once it becomes available.


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