The Key To Capturing An Audience

The key to luring audiences to a content platform is fidelity – or what we used to call user experience. This piece on explores the fidelity of a consumer experience: that means the social bustle of going to a cinema is likely to be more popular than watching an HD DVD at home, and that watching a DVD at home might, in turn, be a better experience than watching a movie on a phone.The piece argues that fidelity is balanced by two factors, whether the content is downloadable music or a movie DVD. The first is engineering, because technology facilitates smaller and cheaper media experiences; the second, consumer behaviour, because people will trade some level of fidelity for convenience and, increasingly, for control. Digital Chocolate‘s Trip Hawkins: “Consumers began to vote in favor of increased control over and customization of media, and have consistently proven they’re willing to sacrifice fidelity to get it.”
And when fidelity meets convenience at an affordable price, like the iPod, consumers rush in.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.