America’s Most Unwired Cities


Forbes has put together a list of most wired cities in the US, which puts Atlanta at #1, San Francisco somewhere down there, and San Jose nowhere. Don’t ask! In response, we checked with WiFi directory service, JiWire and found that San Francisco is the most “unwired” city and has 805 hotspots, including 375 free ones. New York is #2 with 669 hotspots, followed by Chicago with 551. Atlanta ranked at #8 with 372 hotspots, 94 of them free.



SF must now be the most wired? The short Google mention seems off-Base (pun intended). The Google Wi-Fi map of Mountain View, Ca sure makes it look wired around there.

I’d say my city is one of the most unwired. Mountain View, Hi 96771. My treehouse is wired but I think we have more people without electricity around here than SF and Atlanta has people without Internet connections.


In the article, it mentions that 8% of home internet connections are wireless broadband. This is misleading because – how do they define “wireless broadband”? If it all means just connecting a WiFi router to home DSL/cable modem and then connect to internet, then probably that fact is true.

But in reality, wireless broadband means connecting to internet through WiMax of EVDO/UMTS 3/3.5G networks.


Please correct me if I’m wrong — didnt sprint use the Bay Area as the test bed for WiMax & Mobile Wimax network? Oh my bad, according to Forbes, it’s better to be wired down. Who cares?

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