Yahoo Go For Windows Mobile Launches Globally


In the eight months since Yahoo’s Go strategy was first announced at CES with Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Cruise as cheerleaders, the mobile service has been available only on Symbian-based mobile devices — primarily for Cingular Nokia Series 60s in the U.S.. That should change overnight when a new version that works with Windows Mobile 2003 SE and 5.0 is launched globally; for context, Microsoft says 6 million smartphones were shipped in 2005.
— The suite of services syncs with personalized Yahoo internet content like email, contacts, calendar.
— It should be usable anywhere but has a dozen or so localized versions including U.S., France, UK, India and Indonesia.
— Yahoo already has deals in place with RM, Motorola and Nokia to embed the service on some devices, Motorola will pre-load and feature the service on some handsets in the first half of next year.
— It should be accessible from here in the next few hours.
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