Social Media Roundup: OhMyNews JP; Webshots Relaunches; NBC-Bebo; Guba Pays

OhMyNews Launches In Japan: “OhmyNews,” established in South Korea six years ago, has opened up its Japanese site…this follows a $10 million investment by Softbank, whose CEO Masayoshi Son is of Korean origin. The site has launched in Japan with about 20 full-time journalists and over a thousand “citizen reporters.” The citizen reporters will be paid 300-2,000 yen ($2.50-$17) per article if their work is used.
Community-Driven Search a la Microsoft: Microsoft has launched a public beta version of Windows Live QnA, a search engine designed for users to ask specific questions that members of the Live community answer, kinda like Yahoo Answers. The service is integrated with Live Spaces, Microsoft’s blogging service, so bloggers can list their own questions and answers they have provided for others.
CNET’s New Webshots Effort Launches; Video To Be Added Soon: A long overdue move: CNET is rolling out a new version of its phot sharing site and promising that video is “coming soon”. Amidst fierce competition, daily page views have dipped at Webshots since last year.
NBC’s Promos On Bebo: NBC has paired with high school social networking site to promote its fall high school football football drama, Friday Night Lights. A microsite for the show will let high school students upload video, photos, and blogs about their own football experiences and enter to win one of ten $5,000 scholarships.
Guba Pays for New User Referrals: How do you compete against YouTube? You bribe users. The “Tell A Friend” program pays registered users $0.25 each time they get a person to sign up for a free membership account on Guba.