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Fujitsu refreshes the P1510D with the LOOX P70T/V convertible

loox_p.jpgWe were just chatting about the P1510D in the podcast last night and now Engadget says there’s a upgraded model called the LOOX P70T/V. While it definitely has an 8.9-inch swivel screen like the P1510D, the LOOX appears to have an active digitizer based on the following quote: "Of course, it can operate the input with the keyboard even with the pen and the stick point. In addition, because it can do also letter input and the like with the pen, can manage with also just the pen." Since there is no mention of any control or input via touch, I’m making an educated guess on the active digitizer; one thing’s for sure: there’s a resolution increase up to WXGA or 1280×720.

Additional specs include a new Intel Core Solo at 1.2 GHz, Bluetooth 2.0, mini-SD slot, 30/60/80 GB hard drive and 512 MB of memory; I would have liked to see a full GB in there because the small size of the device typically means a single RAM slot and high priced memory. Expect to shell out more than $2,150 for this nicely powered small device in late-September starting in Japan and eventually…maybe…other shores?

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7 Responses to “Fujitsu refreshes the P1510D with the LOOX P70T/V convertible”

  1. Shogmaster

    It’s not active digitizer. In the tech specs page (translated in Google), it sez:

    “LED back light attaching semi- transmitted type touch panel type TFT color LCD (Mobile fine liquid crystal)”

    It clearly sez touch panel. It also sez “semi-transmitted” and also as someone else noticed, a backlight on/off button, so I think it does have a trans-reflective a.k.a. outdoor screen!

  2. PC card slot…finally, the “ultra mobile” arena pulls it’s head out of it’s butt. I mean, really, it’s a huge hole in the specs not to allow for EVDO on any of these mobile devices. Just my two cents, of course.

    I may buy this one.

  3. lsbeller

    1. From what I read, it remains a touch screen.
    2. It is a standard SD slot, not mini SD
    3. The increased price looks like it is attributed to the inclusion of a DVDRW/CDRW drive (which the P1510D did not include)
    4. There is a new backlight HW button to facilitate outdoor use
    5. The new processor will allow up to 9.3 hours with the extended battery (at only 2.5 pounds)
    6. New sliding power button that should prevent accidental turning on or off.
    7. Vista ready – especially given Kevin’s success with 32MB of video RAM on his m205.
    7. Lastly, it has a PC card slot which is the main reason to replace my P1510D!

    I am ready to buy!


  4. Stephen Feger

    Well, I was told it would have a PC card slot and it does, so I am pleased. It looks like they have inproves the brightness of the screen, which is a definite plus. They also improved the resolution, which is good.

    The only thing else that I am hoping for is that they changed the digitizer to an active digitizer instead of a passive. Best of all worlds would be if they are using one of the new dual mode screens, but that’s asking too much…

    I’ll buy one if they changed that digitizer, that’s for certain. The weight and 6 cell battery life are fantastic on the P1510D.

  5. Michael Venini


    I’m not sure it comes with a active digitizer. The pen is the same pen used on the current P1510D, which would indicate a touch screen. I hope it’s active digitizer though.

  6. Bartltt

    From the description on their website it appears that the laptop also has a PC Card slot. This, unlike the prior version of the laptop, will enable the use of EVDO etc. cards.