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Bollywood Film Don Releases On ITunes Before It Hits Stores

According to this press release, last Saturday, Don became the first Bollywood movie whose music has been released on iTunes even before its CD’s hit the stores. Hungama Mobile, which focuses on marketing Bollywood content in the form of images, videos, games and applications, has made the Don music available on iTunes.
Since this is a first, I’m sure people like me will write about it, and Bollywood’s ever growing global fan base will be informed, and log on to download the songs. Great idea.
The Don soundtrack has been featured on the ‘World’ music page of iTunes. Six reviews so far, and a rating of 4.5 out of five. Not bad, over four days. One reviewer, called Dilse1978, says:

“I’m shocked in a happy way for the soundtrack to make it to Itunes this quick…I think it is about time bollywood is getting to where it belongs, in mainstream entertainment…”

Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO of Hungama Mobile adds: –

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