Win a bundle o’ mobile gear with Aximsite’s 3rd Annual Review Contest!


Aximsite_logoThink you’ve got what it takes to write a good review of some Pocket PC hardware or software? If so, why not put pen to paper (or Tablet PC) and enter the 3rd annual Aximsite Review Contest! You have to be a registered Aximsite user and you only have until September 15th to submit your entry, but that gives you plenty of time. Just pick some Pocket PC hardware or software that Aximsite hasn’t reviewed (which could be the toughest part of the contest!) and write it up based on the submission rules. What can you win for your efforts?

1st Place : Sony Walkman Mini Disc Player ( mz-nh600d), Arkon PSP Car Mount, (1) Microsoft Productivity Pack
2nd Place : (1) Socket Low Power SDIO Wireless LAN Card, Microsoft Entertainment Pack, Arkon PSP Car Mount
3rd Place : How to do everything with you Dell Axim book, Arkon PSP Car Mount
Honorable Mention : Arkon PSP Car Mount

Not a bad way to earn some mobile gear while reviewing your favorite hardware or software. What are you waiting for? Get reviewing! (Thanks to Phil for the heads up!)


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