There’s a new ebook reader in town- dotReader

It’s no secret how much I love reading ebooks, in fact I don’t even buy books that are not in electronic form anymore.  It is so satisfying to have a lot of ebooks on my device so I can grab precious moments when they present themselves and spend them with a good book.  I do this on both my Tablet PC and my Windows Mobile Treo, whichever is handy.  While my preferred reader is eReader Pro, there is a new ebook reader nearing release that has me excited due to all the features.  Imagine a reader that runs on Windows (for my Tablet PC), Macs, Linux, and most PDAs, including Windows Mobile.  Throw in the ability to handle multiple document formats and the deal is sweetened nicely.  Then to seal the deal make the reader extensible so additional document formats can be added through the use of plug-ins.  Now you see why I am excited about dotReader by OSoft Inc.  dotReader should be available in September and just look at this screenshot (Windows Mobile version):


The program has nice search functionality that lets you search not only within the current document but across the entire library!  Talk about a great research platform.  There is no word on which document formats dotReader will handle at launch nor pricing, but I am going to watch for the launch for sure.



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