Mad4Milk: Should Have Bet the Farm


A couple days ago we pointed to Mooglets widgets, the creation of Rome-based It was a neat product made on the cheap, so we joked, “somebody give these guys some millions!” Today we are shocked to learn that Mad4Milk has been acquired by Freewebs. The web host says it will repackage Mad4Milk’s JavaScript effects library, offering developer community site “Freewebs Farms,” and soon a widget library. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. To be fair, based on the URL of Mooglets ( we had, it looks like the deal may have happened before we took note of the company.


Nitin Borwankar

Hi Liz,

Looked over at their site and found the following in a sidebar top right. So there seems to be more …
( The question belopw has links to your article above and the Yahoo finance article, so this Q & A below was posted after the above two and is later in the timeline )

(Q.) Today I found out that mad4milk has been acquired by freewebs?!


Well, this isnt the truth.
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It is true that we are now working with freewebs full time, and it is true that they acquired some of our software, like mooglets and moofx. But no, they have NOT acquired mad4milk.


No matter what your feelings are about IE, I simply can’t respect any tool these days that won’t let you in unless you use Firefox.

Just more ridiculous preaching to the tech choir.

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