Glu Mobile On Coming Second

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Glu Mobile CEO Greg Ballard has answered some questions on the company’s acquisition of iFone and Glu’s position as the second-largest mobile games publisher worldwide.
“We are very respectful of the great job that Jamdat has done. However, we view EA Mobile’s lead in the US primarily as a function of legacy titles, which will erode over time. The US is the only market in which EA Mobile is leading; Glu continues to out-sell EA Mobile in Europe, Asia and Latin America and we feel strongly that our position will penetrate to the US, making Glu the clear and unequivocal leader worldwide.”
Ballard indicated that the company’s growth in the second quarter this year was more than 70% year-on-year based on titles for Java and Brew, and is gearing up for smartphone games as the capability for over-the-air purchases increases.
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Arvind Rao

Like Jamdat, it will be a difficult IPO to sustain and build share price. Gaming is like VC investing, for every 10 investments made typically only 1-2 make money. This is not a sound business model for a publicly listed company which has to deliver steadily growing quarter-on-quarter revenues. I am sceptical that any gaming mobile company can sustain as a successful listed company

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