Flickr, Maps, Local… it’s a Yahoo Mashup


Yahoo today will tie together a bunch of its properties — Flickr, Yahoo Maps, Upcoming, and Yahoo Local. These are natural and powerful combinations of existing projects and acquisitions, and of course the question is what took Yahoo so long.

First up, Flickr photos can now be geo-tagged via a drag-and-drop interface with Yahoo Maps. Users can make map mashups out of photosets to share with small groups or everyone on Flickr. This is competition for Platial, 43places, Flagr, et cetera.

The Flickr-location combo also brings stalking to a whole new level, with the ability to search by tag, text, time, group, and location — Yahoo’s example is “photos taken at the In-and-Out in Mountain View in the last 20 minutes.”

In addition, Yahoo’s, previously driven by user submissions, will now incorporate events from Yahoo Local. Flickr will also add links to Upcoming alongside photos tagged for a particular event.

What’s next, Yahoo? How about some presence integration via Yahoo Instant Messenger?



sc: Would a search like ‘world trade center in NYC taken on september 11, 2001’ make more sense to you?

Dave Winer

And Liz, it’s great to see you got a gig where they not only put your name on your articles, there’s also a great iconic cartoon of you there too. Say hi to your dad! :-)


Yahoo is awesome but missing some easy mashups that would be huge opportunity – how about in yahoo widget address book you click the address and yahoo maps comes up – or – how about intergrating of yahoo contacts with yahoo briefcase for storing documents associated to contact.

Time for yahoo to ask users for feedback not just developers – developers write code but users know what is needed to improve the products.

LM – yahoo user since 1998


People have gone mashup-crazy. Granted that some mashups are useful – like maps and weather information, and in this specific case, upcoming and maps. But I don’t get mashing up Local and flickr, or flickr and maps.

Why would anyone want to look at photos taken at the “In-and-Out in Mountain View in the last 20 minutes?” To see how crowded it is? I don’t get it.

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