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eBay Deal: Google To Provide All Non-US Text Ads And Click To Call Features

Three months after Yahoo! signed that partnership with eBay, Google has followed suit; under a new deal Google will provide all eBay’s non-US text ads and will work on “click-to-call” tools that allow customers to call advertisers. Both eBay’s Skype and GoogleTalk will be used in the partnership although details of the deal have not been disclosed.
“We have a chance to create a whole new way for buyers and sellers to connect online and to create what we hope will be a significant revenue stream for both eBay and Google,” said eBay CE Meg Whitman. eBay wants to use Google’s high profile to build an international market for Skype. Whitman said the deal will not affect the firm’s financial performance for 2006 or 2007, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the deal is likely to go on for many years.
Though Google has launched a rival online payment service to eBay’s Paypal system, Schmidt said those overlapping services and partnerships will make services quicker: “The moment somebody wants to buy something, we want that advertiser to be able to sell it, hawk it or do whatever they want with it.”
Joint services will be tested in early 2007.
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This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.