Commodore comes back with mp3 player and more

Commodore_mp3Is there anything special about this Commodore Mpet II mp3 player? Other than it’s a Commodore, not really. It’s your basic digital audio player with MP3 and WMA support, voice recorder, DRM support, runs for 15 hours on a single AAA battery, but….it’s a Commodore! Sorry, I guess I’m just a little sentimental since I still fire up the ol’ C64 in the basement every now and again.

But wait…there’s more! Commodore doesn’t just have YADAP (yet another digital audio player), there’s a new website and blog with more products in the works!  I can’t say what these products are, but expect some announcements from the company soon since they have a booth at the IFA show this week in Berlin. In the meantime, you can hit their blog (aptly named Channel64) and see some secret videos of what’s in the works.




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