Commodore comes back with mp3 player and more


Commodore_mp3 this Commodore Mpet II mp3 player

But wait…there’s more! Commodore doesn’t just have YADAP (yet another digital audio player), there’s a new website and blog with more products in the works!  I can’t say what these products are, but expect some announcements from the company soon since they have a booth at the IFA show this week in Berlin. In the meantime, you can hit their blog (aptly named Channel64) and see some secret videos of what’s in the works.




Fabian Dietrich

I’m going to IFA 2006 on Sunday! I will loook out for the commodore people!
Does anybody want me to check out and take pics of some other specific thing?
shoot me an email at! It feels great livng here right now.


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