Bob Russell asks: why do we want a UMPC?

Mobileread_logoThis is why I love blogging; the conversational-ism of blogging puts thoughts together in a synergistic way that bring more value than blog posts by themselves. Over the weekend, I wrote up a post talking about how some folks just don’t get the concept of UMPC devices. A short time later, Bob Russell (who writes on the awesome MobileRead site run by Alexander Turcic) shot me an e-mail indicating he blogged more on the topic.

Bob "gets it" and not only that, he sees one of the main reasons why others don’t "get it". Say what you want about specs, usage and functionality, but there’s a business issue here as well and Bob points it out in these few excerpts:

  • "mainstream press isn’t the problem. We techies love it because it’s really neat. It gives us a small form factor, but with a screen big enough to do "real things."
  • It’s no wonder that the mainstream press isn’t really high on the device. They are looking at the average user and what the entire owning experience would be like for them. A laptop has all those same issues, but there are very compelling reasons to have one. "
  • "The public and the mainstream media don’t understand the UMPC and keep comparing it in the wrong way to laptops (saying it’s too underpowered, the screen too small and input is hard). But maybe the problem is with Microsoft and UMPC sellers. With the rollout of a new class of device, doesn’t the burden fall on them to help us understand why it’s relevant? They clearly haven’t done that very well…. yet."

These salient points are just the tip of the iceberg from Bob’s post. Some of you have pointed out similar issues in the comments (which I greatly appreciate). Hop over to MobileRead to see all of what Bob has to say and then don’t be shy: join in the conversation!



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