Desktopia: Bring your desktop to life


Pierre Chatel (who brought us Sidenote) is at it again with an app that’s sure to spice up your desktop.

His newest app is titled Desktopia.

Desktopia is a freeware application that lets you set your desktop to change pictures at a specific time as opposed to OS X’s current option of setting it to rotate at a specific interval. The main usage of this feature that is advertised is setting your desktop to change pictures based on the time of day. In fact, it even comes bundled with 2 sets of detailed illustrations that are made specifically to sync your desktops environment with that of mother nature.

I definitely recommend giving it a try.





This has inspired me to try to put a few together, which will likely be an entire day (pre-sunrise to post-sunset) from some scenic spot around San Francisco Bay.

The weather is just about perfect for it (not too foggy) right now.



This is a pretty neat little app. I especially like the “time of day” aspect of it – that it’s not just randomly switching out your desktop. Theoretically, you could work up a desktop image for every minute of the day (with numbers or a clock face), and turn your whole desktop into a clock!

I’d like to find some more photo sets to use. Any suggestions?

Bruce Baker

Sounds a lot like ‘Reflections of Daylight,’ though that only automatically changes your wallpaper based on the hour, not with down-to-the-minute accuracy that you seem to have in the screenshot.

My favorite use of these kind of programs is to combine them with the photographic gimimck of setting the wallpaper to look like the monitor is transparent.

Pierre Lourens

That seems like a good idea, and I’m sure that some people will use it. I think I could live without it, though. I don’t spend that much time trying to customize on my Mac. Then again, there might be some people that do.

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