Sydney Morning Herald rates UMPC a 2 out of 5

Dreamvision_umpc_700I’ve been down this path before, so I’ll tread lightly here. The Sydney Morning Herald reviewed the Pioneer DreamBook UMPC (an Amtek 700 device) and gave it a 2 out of 5. One of the two points was "just for showing up."

Keeping my personal opinion short and sweet:

  1. Main stream media (MSM) is killing the Origami concept for Microsoft because they (MSM) don’t understand the concept.
  2. MSM wants the public to think they get the concept by including the right catch-phrases, such as "companion device" yet they then equate the UMPC to full desktop replacement, which it isn’t designed to be (but can be used as one).
  3. MSM tends to pooh-pooh the device without providing detailed use cases or usage scenarios; the typical "review" contains opinions on why the device can’t be used, but never explains why that is or in what situation.
  4. MSM continues to compare what you could buy for the same price or less and touts the extra features, horsepower, etc…you can’t compare a UMPC with a standard notebook that doesn’t even run the Tablet PC Edition of XP. This is a new class of device within the slate Tablet PC genre.
  5. In fairness, there is much to be desired for the implementation of the UMPC concept, but we have to start somewhere. I guess the ratings do too….I just wish they would start in a more accurate range than "2 out of 5" with one point "just for showing up."

’nuff said by me. What do you say?



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